Kei te haramai te wā

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Kei te haramai te wā

Rob Ruha

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This song captures discussions from the dark times of healer and spiritual leader of the Kotahitanga movement Hori Keeti. It focuses in on one of his prophetic utterances he shared with the people of Ngāti Porou that begins by saying, “The time is coming, the time draws nigh!” It speaks of the ills that befall the Māori nation like reckless Government legislation, systematic oppression, racial discrimination, imperial snobbery, philanthropic superiority and blatant ignorance to indigenous ways of being, knowing, doing and contribution to society. His utterances and this waiata offers a solution; that is, to unite and gain favor with God. Hori Keeti said, “If God can cure man, he can surely the sickness that kill our land. What are they you ask? They are laws that seek to sever our connection with it and our customary practices!”

Lead Vocals: Rob Ruha / BV’s: Cilla Ruha, Maisey Rika, Ria Hall, Tama Waipara, Seth Haapu, Ani Merito, Sherydon Ngaropo-Te Tai, Rob Ruha / Piano: Godfrey De Grut / Horns arrangement: Godfrey De Grut / Horns: Trumpet – Paul Norman, Trombone – Hadyn Godfrey, Saxophone & bass clarinet – Lewis McCallum / String arrangement: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, Strings: “The Black Quartet” (Violin 1 – Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper, violin 2 – Jess Hindin, viola – Iselta Allison, Cello – Rachel Wells)



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