Iti (feat. Adam Whauwhau)

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Iti (feat. Adam Whauwhau)

Rob Ruha

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This waiata was inspired by a speech given by Rawiri Waititi about his aspirations for his people. He and many like him are the new faces of Māori Leadership in NZ. Their thinking is informed by a deep understanding and firm grounding in reo, tikanga, mōteatea, kapa haka, tribal history and the knowledge of our forefathers. The waiata highlights proverbial sayings that state with these tools, anything is possible no matter how great the task.

Lead Vocals: Rob Ruha & Adam Whauwhau / BV’s: Cilla Ruha, Ramari Sherman, Sherydon Ngaropo-Te Tai, Rob Ruha / Bass: Waata Taukamo / Drums/Percussion: Cornz Houkamau / Keys: Haani Totorewa / Rhythm guitar: Waata Taukamo / Lead guitar: Bret Adams / Taonga pūoro: (kōauau) Horomona Horo / Kauhau: the late Whaia McClutchie



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