Nā Rob Ruha

Mirrors confronts the issues of institutional racism, racial discrimination and the branding of Māori as a savage child killing race. It states that any practice of child abuse is introduced not indigenous and racial hate towards Māori is a reflection of its true origins.


Tired of the memories you gave me

Tired of you saying you made me

Made me who you think I am


Tired of you gunning to break me

Stake me like the tool you made me

Made me who you think I am



Mirrors undress you

Mirrors unrest you

Impress the jester

Who tests and detests you

Mirrors they burn, they burn

Burn you cold


(Post Chorus)

But if you run with me down the fire escape

Cos I anticipate the fuel

Burning up the ocean

Burning up the ocean


Stronger since the day I saved me

Stronger now I remade me

Made me who I think I am


Memories that you gave me burn

All your letters fade…

I think – I am

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